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It may not be beach-side but it sure isn’t a bad lifestyle.

Location: Lake Staffelsee, Bavaria. About 40 minutes outside of Munich.

It’s not as well known as the Tegernsee Lake but definitely one of the nicest and fun lakes in Bavaria. Boat trips, Canoeing, Swimming, Sun-bathing, Fishing, Sailing, Eating, Drinking, Marching Bands…need I say more.

Click here for more tourist info on Staffelsee.

I think the last time I ice-skated was like over 10 years ago at Wollman Rink in Central Park but I must say I really think the rink at Bryant Park aka Citi Pond is cuter. There are little holiday shops and a convenient restaurant set up around the pond sponsored by Citibank.

Another great ice skating rink is of course is at the touristy Rockefeller Center.  BTW- Tonight is the tree lighting ceremony for those visitors out there.  Click here for a list of the top 5 ice-skating rinks in New York City.

Hope everyone’s holidays got a great start this winter season!

View of Ice-Skating Rink at Bryant Park from the top of Bryant Park Hotel

Citi Pond Ice-Skating Rink shot from Bryant Park Hotel