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Date: Friday July 1st, 2011

Time: After soccer match btwn Italy vs. Germany

Venue: Piazza in Nocera Terinese next to the church

Food: Penne pasta, sausage and wurstel paninis

So after our big game, the Italians couldn’t hang around for a drink because they had to go home take showers and cook for our “Pasta and Panini Party”. This was our version of the “Dress Rehearsal Dinner”.  I would like to inform everyone that we actually never even had a dress rehearsal.  I would like to think of this party as a “Getting to Know You Party”.  We had friends from N.Y., Miami, Puerto Rico, D.C., Austria, Holland and Germany come to partake.  We invited our families and friends to join us for not just food but for beer, homemade wine, and cocktails made by my friend Carlo.  Shaken not stirred.

My cousins Roberto and Salvatore and their friends all helped out with the setting up of the tables, cooking and cleaning.  I want to thank all of them for doing that for us. I want to also thank my cousin Angelina, for letting us use her big refrigerator and bar.

Our chief pasta chef.

First in line!!

While we eat pasta the sausage cooks.

Back for seconds!

i Tedeschi

Caroline and my sis have secured their spots.

Jen seems to think the pasta is good.

Napoleone trying to convince Sean to eat Peperoncino.

Sis and I are used to eating like this in our family!

Christine in Calabria.

His Italian name is now "FLAVIO".

Over at this table I think Christine and Flavio are waiting for the sausage paninis.

Our top chefs need a break though.

The sausages and wurstels are going quickly.

Looks like "i gemelli" (twins) have been hogging up the sausage paninis all for themselves.

Ive seems to have gotten his hands on a panino as well.

My lovely Aunt Angela with my sis-in-law, Doris.

NOT sure what these three are up to. Can't be good with Judy around.

AJ and I with maybe 1/10th of my family.

Our wonderful bestman (in blue) getting ready for next day's ceremony.

Carlo creating a ruckus behind the bar. Cocktails anyone?

Brotherly love!

Me and my cousin Ciccio. Who flew in from Abu Dhabi to be with us.

A little serenade to end the evening.

La marescialla con il mio amico Carlo.

Time for our crew to pack up and go home. Thanks guys.

First and foremost, Willkommen to my Blog.

Welcome to Oktoberfest, Munich 2010

This was and currently still is my first Oktoberfest ever. I got to experience many delightful things besides BEER!  Yes of course I’ve been hearing “Prost” (Cheers in German) a lot this week.  That being said I would like to open up your eyes to some other finer pleasures that can be found at the Oktoberfest in Munich.  It’s not just about the beer you know.

Ok here we go, other things you can see… like the funny looking hats with feathers.

The famous feather hats in Germany

Or how about the wonderful food?

The biggest pretzels I've ever seen. Better than NYC street pretzels.

White Sausage. It tasted like tofu sausage to me.

Pork Sausage and Sauerkraut

Beer enthusiasts can visit several different tents throughout the fest. For example,

Lowenbrau Tent

or the Ammer Tent

 That is if one can even get into a tent, especially when its raining outside.

People from all over trying to get into a tent during Oktoberfest. This was at 11 am waiting outside in pouring rain.

 Along the way you may meet some unsavory characters.

The devil in his Dirndl showed up.

Even the "Hoff" was there this year. Fresh off of "Dancing with the Stars".

What about the poor servers that have to deal with the 100’s of thousands of beer drinkers and professional boozers? Holding those huge mugs round after round and carrying food.

Woman doin her thang! Those are some heavy ass mugs

Men don't have it easy either.

 Or do they?

These guys have the less difficult job, they just pour the beer from kegs.

Obviously you will also get to see a guy in Lederhosen.

Authentic Lederhosen. This one was handmade by Grandma.

Hmm what else will you experience at Oktoberfest? Silly me how can I forget women and their jugs!

This is better than "Hooters"

I believe she has real jugs.

We mustn’t forget about the waltzing and dancing.

Couple waltzing

 BTW- Oktoberfest is for all ages.

Her heart reads "Oktoberfest Princess"

Young and old

Then there’s always MEN & THEIR BEER! God forbid you take their beer away.



Mine all mine!


 A word of caution you may actually have to walk by “Throw Up Hill” on your way to the bathrooms.

"Throw Up Hill" I think the guy in pic is bleeding on side of his head

 There you have it folks. All the great things about the Oktoberfest.  I might have left out a thing or two…. to be continued.