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This Travel Tuesday, I am presenting my “Hey-Mambo-Italiano-Pizza-Making Cousin”, Marina Pulice.  I love my Italian heritage, correction my Calabrese heritage. So many different recipes and cooking techniques to share. Not to mention all the traditions and customs that we keep in our family.

All you Calabraise do the mambo like a crazy!


This was just part of  yesterday’s lunch. There was more in the pan (obviously) before I took the pic.   My Aunt Franca loves to cook.  Everyday she tells me what’s on the menu for lunch and dinner.  I seriously feel like I have my own personal Chef.  I think she is on a mission to fatten me up.  At this point I won’t dare get on a scale.  It’s too hard to resist the food here. All I hear everyday is MANGIA MANGIA! and when I’m not looking they put more food on my plate.

Spicy Sausage Calabrese Style


Last night was my Zia Angela’s birthday and we all went out for dinner at La Chimera Restaurant tucked away in the hills of Lago.  Somehow I ended up in the car that decided to take the curvy, hidden and dark roads/paths to get there.  Lots of screaming and needless to say lots of cursing went on.  We almost ran over a few stray dogs but luckily my cousin Armando didn’t hit any of them.  He did though make a U-Turn on a very narrow road on the way up the hills that I am still trying to figure out how he did it.

La Chimera specializes in PIZZA and lots of bread! See for yourselves below.

Me and my cousin Franca

First came out the Pane Duro (Hard Bread)

Just a little Antipasto (Appetizer)

BRUSCHETTA of every kind

My cousin Giovanni couldn't wait so he went and got the pizza himself

Finally the pizza. Mixed pizza none the less.