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How great is it to be able to just nap in a hammock?   I snapped this photo in the midst of the all the craziness at the market in Iquitos, Peru. The baby didn’t seem to mind at all.  Mom is working and the baby is blissfully sleeping.

Baby Nap - Amazon Style

The Baby's Room

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Not only am I fortunate that I am half Italian but my mother is Peruvian.  Many say “what a combination”.  I say “what a lucky combination”  (with some fire thrown into it).  I was going through my pics of Peru from 2 years ago and it dawned on me how the Amazon wasn’t blue or clean-looking or even clear. To me, it was BROWN but it at the same time I felt it was beautiful agua.  The Amazonians will tell you the water is yellow.

My first impression was being a bit surprised to see gigantic ships on the river.  Ships!!  So you know the Amazon is MASSIVE.

Here we were on this little, tiny, itty bitty, canoe.  Just 4 ladies in the hands of young guides.  BTW-my Aunt didn’t know how to swim.  Can you imagine us tipping over?

Heading out to the Amazonas

In the Jungle

The "Mouth" of the Amazon