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I decided to go back to some old boxes of photos. To my surprise I dug up pics of  The 1996 World Series Champs- The Yankees!   Found pics I took during the Parade!  What great timing.  I can’t freakin believe how old these are!  Yes people I am showing my age but who cares.  Anyway I would like to dedicate these photos to Elena Iannuzzi!  Because I know how much she loves the Yankees and also because she covered for me that day at work at NSL!! Where are all my NSL peeps at?

Ah the good old days!  So I’m hoping these pics will give a lil inspiration to the Yankees!  I believe there is a side shot of a young Derek Jeter and happy Darryl Stawberry.  And just for some more New York  magic I decided to throw in a pic of ol’ blue eyes. Come on NY!

Yankees 1996 maria pulice

Yankees parade maria pulice

Darryl Strawberry Maria Pulice

Derek Jeter maria pulice

Frank Sinatra New York Maria Pulice

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Originally my sis and I didn’t plan on going out for Halloween nor did we want to get dressed up. We were just gonna chill or go to a movie, JD’s idea by the way.  I think there were a few contributing factors to our second wind a) the weather was nice despite a little rain  b) a bottle of Pinot Noir always helps! c) loft parties are always better than trying to go out clubbing all night, (in our opinion).

So we decided to head downtown to the Halloween Parade on 6th Ave, I brought my camera and my sis rocked her big purple fro! We got stopped a lot last night. People were calling her wig “cotton candy”.  I am delighted to share some photos from last night’s Halloween adventure and of some of the characters we met along the way! My personal favorite costumes were of the “Flasher” and “Rosie of the Jetsons”