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Ah the holidays…another time during the year that we can torture our pets by dressing them up in costumes.  Kids aren’t the only ones that get to take their Christmas portraits in my family. (No pics with Santa on this blog)  Luckily I have two very photogenic animals to work with!  I couldnt resist but to take pictures of Rocky and Betty in their holiday gear.  Sometimes our pets  even end up being part of our Christmas tree decorations.  I snapped a few of the kids too!!! What the heck!  BTW- I do pet photography!

Betty, pretty in pink!

Our new Christmas Tree Decoration!

Rocky Reindeer

Ok..the kids’ turn

I had the pleasure of meeting Zang Toi recently. Even moon walked while wearing his pretty lace gloves.  I ended buying a shirt, even though I really wanted to buy one of his gorgeous dresses…maybe one of these days! A  girl can dream.  Anyway I was really happy to hear that he is having a holiday/sample sale next week.  November 19th, 2009. The same day as my upcoming “Carnivale” Photo Exhibit. Luckily my photo exhibit starts at 7:30 pm.  So after going to House of Toi’s sample sale come on down to Soho for my photo viewing.

House of Toi Holiday Sale invite is below along with some pics of moi in his fabulous showroom/office (that I would take any day as my apt).  Zang has dressed Eva Longoria, The Real Housewives of New York and the late Farrah Fawcett, just to name a few.

Zang Toi Sample Sale Invite

Zang Toi/Maria Pulice

I want this black dress!!!!!! Really badly! Will have to wait until Sample Sale..maybe?


Zang Toi/Maria Pulice