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It may not be beach-side but it sure isn’t a bad lifestyle.

Location: Lake Staffelsee, Bavaria. About 40 minutes outside of Munich.

It’s not as well known as the Tegernsee Lake but definitely one of the nicest and fun lakes in Bavaria. Boat trips, Canoeing, Swimming, Sun-bathing, Fishing, Sailing, Eating, Drinking, Marching Bands…need I say more.

Click here for more tourist info on Staffelsee.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day 2009. I wanted to post these pics right after parade but you know… family obligations can keep you from doing personal stuff on the computer. I know not everyone can make it into the city to experience The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade so I’m hoping that my photos can give those of you who have never been to the parade an idea of what it’s like to be there. Obviously crowds of people, blocked off streets, and policemen are all staples during the parade. My personal favorite balloon is “Hello Kitty”.  Some new ballons this year-The “Pillsbury Doughboy” an “Sailor Mickey Mouse”.  The photo of The Pillsbury Doughboy reminds me of a scene in “Ghostbusters” for some reason.