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Sometimes right in your own backyard you can find natural beauty.

Since I know how difficult it is to shop during the holiday season for that “perfect gift”, I will let all my friends in on a shopping secret.  There is this really cute, vintage shop in Islip, Long Island that has great finds and deals called “Perrenial Clothing“.  As a matter of fact, Perennial Clothing is having a holiday sale next weekend.  If you want unique gifts or looking for that sassy party dress give this little boutique a try.  Here you will find tons of  adorable hats, beautiful coats, pretty dresses, shoes, bags, belts, and a huge variety of jewelry – earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, you name it.  They even do clothing rentals, especially if you need something for a special occasion or event.

Owner, Linda Varady is really sweet and will help assist in scoring that particular item you are looking for.

Perennial Clothing is located at 590 Main Street, Islip NY 11751 Phone: 631-581-1808

This is Just Some of the Jewelry.

Dresses, Coats, Hats! Gotta Love it.

Dazzling Vintage White bags.

Brooches and Pins Mannequin.

Black and Silver Bags

I Ended up Buying This Lovely Green Bag

Pretty in Pink.

Lampshade of Necklaces.