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I like to change my subjects here and there. It’s not always about travel photography in my life. I do love photographing people too. So I’ve been concentrating on portraits lately.

These days I am working on perfecting kids portraits. It’s definitely more WORK.  Trying to get a kid’s attention can be quite a challenge.  Therefore, I highly recommend arming yourself with a bunch of stuffed animals and toys, preferably with music.

But I have to say I was lucky to have a great and easy-to-work-with baby.  She had a her few “diva” moments but I really couldn’t blame her because I did interfere with her during din din time.

Ah the holidays…another time during the year that we can torture our pets by dressing them up in costumes.  Kids aren’t the only ones that get to take their Christmas portraits in my family. (No pics with Santa on this blog)  Luckily I have two very photogenic animals to work with!  I couldnt resist but to take pictures of Rocky and Betty in their holiday gear.  Sometimes our pets  even end up being part of our Christmas tree decorations.  I snapped a few of the kids too!!! What the heck!  BTW- I do pet photography!

Betty, pretty in pink!

Our new Christmas Tree Decoration!

Rocky Reindeer

Ok..the kids’ turn