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I hope you will enjoy the pictures of the foods that I took while I was in Italy! Bright red tomatoes are perfect for…making homemade sauce (sugo)!! More Photos to come soon!!

Bright red tomatoes are perfect for...

making homemade sauce (sugo).

Fresh Funghi

Peachy Peaches

Red Onions straight from the fields of Calabria.

VENUE: Maria’s Bachelorette party in Nocera Terinese.  Behind a bar on the beach.

DATE: Thursday June 31st, 2011.

TIME: Til the wee hours of the morning.

I wanted to post more “illicit” photos but I was asked by several friends not to post on Facebook or post period.  So as to thank my cute younger cousins I will publish a few so they can see. There are a lot more photos floating around in my friend’s cameras.   I have a magnificent group of female cousins. I do have to give a BIG GRAZIE to my two male cousins, Settimo and Andrea for helping to build the “private” fence around our party.

My bachelorette party was perfect.  There was an amazing energy from all the beautiful woman in my life. I will tell you though that we did have a few incidences and guest appearances, for example -  a  “double-sided” contraption of some sort, Boom Boom shots, yummy mini rice balls, a Calabrese-style police officer stripper (who may or may have not been a distant cousin) and an ambulance to top off the night.

The Peruvian side of my family in da house! Including my 84 year old abuelita.

My cousins made me my special veil. Pasta shaped as______.

It's always a better party when my sis is around.

And it gets even crazier when one of my besties is with us! Must be the latin blood.

What the heck is my Aunt pointing at? I understand what she's pointing at. We had a limbo contest.

My custom made cake. Some hot Italian actor whose name escapes me. My cake was delish!!!

Love these girls.

My cousin who was half of our Wedding Planning Team.


and AFTER a Boom Boom shot.

I want to assure their husbands that they didnt participate. Only innocent by-standers.

Theme of the night.

My Bachelorette organizers. Thank you for a fun-tastic party. BTW- I have no idea where that tie came from.

Last women standing!