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Forte dei Marmi is translated into English as Fort of the Marbles.  I like to describe this sea town as the Hamptons of northern Italy.  It’s definitely a great place for people watching, more specifically rich people watching. I personally enjoyed seeing women toting their Prada, Roberto Cavalli and other high-end purchases in the baskets of their bicycles.  I wonder if that’s considered eco-chic?

A “Must See” – Go to Principe Forte dei Marmi Hotel for an aperitivo right before the sunset.  A “Must Do” is to rent a bike. The best bike shop with fabulous customer service in town is Cicli Maggi. If you have time you can also visit nearby towns, Pisa and Pietrasanta.

"Down on one knee". I don't even know this guy. He just decided to pose for me.

View from the Pier

Most stylish ladies in Forte dei Marmi.

My new model boyfriend from Milan.

Early morning catch.

Looks like "La Bambina" is up from her nap.

The pretty bicycles of "PRINCIPE FORTE DEI MARMI" HOTEL.

Gotta book your cabanas really early in the season here.

You can find all sorts of creatures in Forte dei Marmi.

Even Mickey Mouse.

My new ride. From Cicli Maggi Bike Shop. Ain't she purdy?

Best fruit and ice-cream mix ever!! I wish I could remember the name of this.

Luna mezzo mare.

Bagno Piero in the evening.

The girls and I at Principe Forte dei Marmi for an aperitivo before dinner on the beach with our hubbies.

A delicacy from Forte dei Marmi. The only way to describe it is as fried shrimp fries.

Gnocchi with lobster. Not a bad way to end an evening.