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I really didn’t even expect to go to this party I ended up there because my friend Judy graciously took me right after stuffing our faces at Bar Boulud.  (Her invite via Chef Bradford Thompson.) I’m so glad that I went with her because I got to snap some  quick pics of  some cast members of  “Top Chef Just Desserts” and amazing chefs!

Judges, Dannielle Kyrillos and Johnny Iuzzini with Host Gail Simmons

Aaron Isaacson aka "Mr. Recipe" with Chef Bradford Thompson

View of Times Square from Ava's Penthouse

"Top Chef Masters" contestant, Wylie Dufresne

Host of "Food Network Challenge", Claire Robinson with Chef Daniel Boulud

My wonderful friend Judy Choe with TV Producer Todd Broder & Aaron Isaacson

Andiamo in Piazza!

One of the best things here in Nocera Terinese, CALABRIA is the way they cook food in the piazza for the the towns people.  It’s amazing. You won’t find “street meat” like Manhattan here.  I love how whenever there is an event in the Piazza there is always delicious food involved.

During the World Cup Final, everyone came out for Sausage and Wurstel Panini.

Two of the finest chefs of Nocera Terinese

Italian version of BBQ

By the way I have to plug my cousin’s bar.  If you find yourself ever in Nocera Terinese please stop by Chiosco Snack Bar in the Piazza next to the church.

Chiosco Snack Bar

SUGO! (SAUCE). Ready to feed an army.

The sauce is perculating

He was generous enough to let me try the sauce in a panino. Panino dipped in sauce. AWESOME.

Nocera Terinese Official Chefs. Side note - The guy in the sling hurt his elbow while playing soccer a few weeks back. They take soccer and food seriously here.

Now… get ready for the next photo.  This is what we get excited for.

I don’t even know where you would begin to find that wooden rectangular pasta holder in the States???

We dont mess around. Penne pasta in Nocera Terinese Piazza. I must keep stating the fact that everything is freshly made.

See the crowd in background? That's my cousin Vittorio serving the food.

Proud chefs and nice guys.