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For some reason my sister’s dog (Benito) reminds me of Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

They both have a nice set of blonde hair and they like to show teeth.

Benito’s new nickname is now Ben Vanderfluff or Vanderfluffy.

Ever wonder what designers do the night before their fashion show?  Ok, besides putting the last minute touches on their collection.  Well, naturally designer, Zang Toi does that but he adds a lot more fun to the mix.  Let me take you behind-the-scenes of  his “Fashion Show Eve”.

He gathers his team and friends together and eats “Good Luck Chicken”.  Sounds really yummy huh? And you probably want his Malaysian Fried Chicken recipe as well.   Alright, I asked Zang and he said it was fine to divulge to my friends.  I like to keep it very authentic on my blog.  So brace yourself for all the work and ingredients involved with this superb recipe.


He basically just orders buckets of KFC! Accompanied by mashed potatoes, corn, and those delish biscuits.

Therefore, we help out by eating chicken.

Don’t mind if I do.

And we eat more finger-licking good chicken.

Zang has to eat too! Notice his glass. He doesn’t miss a trick.

By now I’m sure you’re sick at looking at KFC.  So let’s get back to what goes on the night before a fashion show.

Well at Zang’s studio, beautiful women like The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s, Cynthia Bailey just happen to drop by to say hi.

BTW, she is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S in person.  I wish I could rock a hat like hers. Looking good Cynthia.

There are also birthday and staff anniversary celebrations with pretty white cakes of course.

We make BIG pots of Tea

We get inspiration from our forefathers.

And finally add the finishing touches to the designs.

Stay tuned for pics of from his fashion show with Real Housewife NYC, Jill Zarin.  To be continued.