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Walk like an Egyptian.  I tried but not  sure I did a good job in my outfit.  Years ago I got dressed up with my friend Amr. Everyone asked me if I really was Egyptian.

Congrats Egypt! Wishing the people of Egypt a better country.

Me and Amr, Cairo

Not only am I fortunate that I am half Italian but my mother is Peruvian.  Many say “what a combination”.  I say “what a lucky combination”  (with some fire thrown into it).  I was going through my pics of Peru from 2 years ago and it dawned on me how the Amazon wasn’t blue or clean-looking or even clear. To me, it was BROWN but it at the same time I felt it was beautiful agua.  The Amazonians will tell you the water is yellow.

My first impression was being a bit surprised to see gigantic ships on the river.  Ships!!  So you know the Amazon is MASSIVE.

Here we were on this little, tiny, itty bitty, canoe.  Just 4 ladies in the hands of young guides.  BTW-my Aunt didn’t know how to swim.  Can you imagine us tipping over?

Heading out to the Amazonas

In the Jungle

The "Mouth" of the Amazon