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Starting Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday there are processions and rituals that take place in Nocera Terinese, Calabria.  The beloved Madonna is carried by several men from the church through out the village, up and down hills. The statute weighing heavily on the backs of the chosen men who have the honor of carrying her.

Women will bake bocconotti (tartlets filled with chocolate, my family prefers Nutella  or jam) and prepare special flowers to bring to church.

3 Responses to “EASTER WEEK – Nocera Terinese, Calabria”

  1. Kevin says:

    Thank you or posting this article and beautiful photos

  2. anna Maria Puteri says:

    buona Pasqua a tutto il Mondo che celebra la nostra Christianita , bellisima statue della Madonna e suo figlio ‘

  3. Christie says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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