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Our prima ballerina, Rocky.   Keep your eye out for him in this year’s “Nutcracker”.  (His long awaited  Broadway debut)

Oh the torture we put our pets through. 

Rocky stole my costume

Getting ready for dress rehearsal.

When the Fly for MS pilots arrived at Oberschleissheim Airport, (just outside of Munich) it was really exciting .  It reminded me of the days when I was kid and waited with my dad for our relatives to arrive at JFK.  I mean can you imagine these two guys, Andrei Floriou and Keith Sillats left Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island then crossed the ATLANTIC OCEAN in a 6-seater Cessna 340 nearly 2 months ago? I went up twice with them in the airplane trust me this isn’t  luxury flying.  Their mission: To raise global awareness for Multiple Sclerosis in 30 countries in 60 days.  No one has ever done this before, invested their own time and money so they can put smiles on faces of people living with MS. They are using their passion for flying to educate the public about MS, speak at conferences, talk with doctors about treatments, and give MS members city tours on board the Fly for MS plane.  All I can say is that last Saturday was the day I saw people in wheelchairs fly.

Thank you DMSG, (Oberschleisheim Airport for waiving landing & airport fees, the SUPER  MS Climbers “MS on the Rocks“ in Munich, my wonderful boyfriend, AJ and my great friend Caroline.

One of the pilot’s biggest challenges on this journey has been the high cost of fuel.  As little as $3 can help. To donate to Fly for MS please click on the following link Please help spread your wings and word about

Fly for MS arriving in Munich Oct. 9th, 2010.

Fly for MS plane parked at Oberschleissheim Airport.

Willkommen in Deutschland

Me with Andrei Floriou and few of MS members.

AJ and Andrei

This didn't prevent anyone from flying.

Markus Hermann, Caroline and AJ

One of the Fly for MS Pilots, Andrei Floriou

Oberschleissheim Hangar

First Trip Up

A warm "thank you" to pilot, Keith Siilats.

Getting ready for next trip up.

Andrea Lennefer's turn to be co-pilot.

2nd flight passengers

Andrea and Andrei (double A's) are ready for take off.

Back to land, I believe a zero g manuever was done on this trip.

Pilots with MS climbing group "MS on the Rocks".

Andrei, Pilot and Photographer.

Ok now its my turn to fly over Munich.

Passenger on board with me from DMSG, Sue Berki. She saw her house from the sky!

A slight turn in the sky with view.

Pilot, Keith Siilats making sure everything looks ok from backseat.

Silohuette of Olympic Tower Munich

Nymphenburg Castle from the Fly for MS plane

We arrived safely back to the airport! Thank God.

Thanks for the flight sticker, Oberschleissheim Airport.

Thank you Mr. Morgenstern for coordinating everything at the airport on your day off.