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I love catnaps.

My sis Janette found “Betty” underneath a car in the McDonalds parking lot while walking her dog Rocky. We  didn’t really grow up with cats in our household. There were always a few puppies and dogs such as Shih Tzus in our family. Therefore, we didn’t in a million years expect to take in a little kitten with big blue round eyes and LOTS of FLEAS.  We called her Betty because of “Betty Davis Eyes”.  My sis aka “Janette Dolittle” and I took her to North Shore Animal League to get checked out and for some shots.  After that we figured someone would adopt her but all the ladies in our house ended up falling in love with this lil diva.  I always joke with my sis and tell her she gave Betty the life.  She was born on the mean streets of Valley Stream, Long Island and now living a fairy tale princess life.

Betty getting ready to snooze

Trying to find her sleeping position

Betty's favorite spot to nap is on top of the bird cag. Interesting.

Change of locations

A little stretching in between.....

...and back to napping!